Welcome to the next generation of computing.

A Seattle based OS you can trust.

Ready For The Web

Make your favorite web apps feel native using our fork of
Linux Mint’s web app manager.

This fork contains a store with loads of preset web apps to choose from in order to
let you discover new web apps and conveniently add them.

Web apps from the store also have security measures to prevent users from being redirected to malicious websites
just in case a web apps gets hacked, domain sniped, or becomes malicious.


Set up your computer with ease.

risiWelcome helps first time users install drivers and codecs, setup flathub and RPMFusion, and find resources related to risiOS.

  • Windows
  • Extensions
  • risiScript


make your computer yours.

Use risiTweaks to change themes and layout settings and to manage GNOME Extensions to make risiOS yours.


Thanks to a stable base of Fedora, risiOS is able to deliver on the latest cutting-edge features without breaking things mid-release cycle.

Some of the things modern features risiOS inherits from Fedora include Btrfs, Wayland (even on NVIDIA hardware), Pipewire, and many more.

Fedora also provides very cutting-edge packages including the latest versions of the Linux kernel, and the latest versions of GNOME, among other things.


Making scripts friendly.

risiScript allows us to generate a GUI wizard for bash/shell scripts and make things like installing third-party apps and system configuration easy.


the future of the command line.

risiOS ships a modified version of ZSH with features such as syntax highlighting, auto suggestions, and more, although to keep ZSH light we do not ship a plugin manager or framework. ZSH itself is faster than bash, and provides many bonus features like plugin support.